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Keys, Guitar & Backing Vocals
Although John has been playing for many years, The Red Zephyrz are his first band. "When I was asked if I'd like to join the band I jumped at the chance. I'd always thought about the possibility of performing, as I've been involved in music for as long as I can remember, but the opportunity had never come up."

John modestly describes himself as "very average at everything", and adds "I don't take anything seriously (including practice). I blame my Italian / Irish descent." Those in the know realise that John's as comitted as the rest. "We're all painfully aware of the mistakes we make but ultimately it's the the public perception that matters, and we haven't played a gig yet where we haven't been invited back, so we must be doing something right."
His influence can be seen in some of the band's material. "Dark Side of the Moon is perhaps my all time favourite album, and we perform a medley of some of the tracks at some gigs. Despite Steve's introduction and warnings to 'stay away from sharp objects' there are always a few people blown away by it. Performing it is something of a logistical nightmare, though, as it involves Steve and me swapping instruments several times."

Other influences include "Sting and The Police, Starsailor, Keane, Orson, The Cardigans, Duran Duran and, of course, many more."