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The quiet member of the band (except in terms of his Bass playing), Geoff's happy to stand at the back and play his Bass rather than get involved in any band politics.

"I wanted to play in a band all my life but saw the sands of time running out and thought ... best to get this in before it is too late. I love music so much had to play myself, and was chuffed to find likeminded souls who dig performing."

"Obviously when you've got a group of guys all with their own ideas, there can be a lot of discussion on what tracks we play, elements of the arrangements and so on."
"I'll gladly put in my suggestions, but what really interestes me is making music."

"As well as my rock influences - Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Man, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, and so on - I'm also a fan of classical music, opera in particular. I'm equally likely to take time out to put on some Puccini. Of course I've got some big heroes - Whetton, Deke Leonard, Dancing Ken Whaley - but I'm an admirer of good performers from many genres."