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Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
The credit (or blame) for Cam's desire to pick up a guitar at an early age is shared by his father and Chet Atkins. Musical influences were cast aside during the teenage years when the sole purpose of being in a band was to gain favour with the opposite sex. When this stopped working (shortly afterwards) he began to try a little harder to actually improve his guitar playing before abandoning hope altogether and playing in various wedding combos.

A natural rocker, The Red Zephyrz rekindled his interest in playing again, although Cam gets a bigger kick out of the 'total band' sound rather than his or any other individual performance. "We are like a very small orchestra where every memeber has their own very distinct contribution to make to any given song we cover."
"Our line up allows us to be reasonably faithful to the original but it's always nice to twist things around a little and 'Zephyrize' the finished article."

On musical influences Cam is extremely open-minded. "We are influenced by everything we hear whether we like to admit it or not. If that's a fantastically intricate bit of virtuoso brilliance by Brad Paisley, Tommy Emmanuel or Greg Howe or a simple but nonetheless memorable offering from Take That or ABBA then it's still influential. We don't like to talk about some of the less cool sources of inspiration in case it damages our 'rock cred'. But, hey, at my age who cares?!"