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Alex has performed in many Glasgow bands since a teenager, and was a founder member of The Red Zephyrz reformed from the fragments of one of them.

He's particularly keen to produce songs that are as close to the original as possible. "I'll often keep listening to the original track to see just how it was played. Obviously there are limitations for live performances, but as a cover band we need to stick closer to the studio recordings than the bands themselves would when performing live. You only have to look at YouTube to see what liberties the original artists take, but our audiences want to be reminded of the songs as they remember them".

Musically his biggest influences are iconic rock groups. "The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and Genesis and Peter Gabriel are at the head of a long list. In fact the 'Zephyrz' part of the band name was taken from the Chilli's 'Zephyr Song', which was one of the first tracks we practiced together."

Also known as Back-from-the-dead-Zephyr, Alex holds the dubious honour of being the only band member to have flat-lined!. Apparently one of the first questions he asked when we woke up in intensive care was "How is the band going to manage at the Mull of Kintyre Festival this weekend?" Now there's dedication for you.