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Sound Mixing and Tech
As a friend of the band, Adrian took up the task of mixing the live sound without previous experience or safety net. Whilst he can claim to have a musical ear, having been in the church choir for seven years as a boy (a fact he likes to keep quiet, as it usually brings accusations of wearing a dress and the like) he's content to stay behind the scenes.

In terms of influences, Adrian concedes "My backgound is less grounded in the classic rock genre than some band members, so I'm not intimitely familiar with all the back catalogue of Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and the Foo Fighters. However I have a very broad taste in music focusing on the rockier side of pop (Free, Dire Straits, Queen) through the more theatrical (Meat Loaf, Roxy Music) to prog rock (Yes, Genesis)."
"I've always enjoyed the detail and variety in the more complex productions of artists like The Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp and, earlier than that, George Martin's best efforts on The Beatles' Abbey Road."

"Whilst we can't hope to match the sound achieved on legendary studio albums with a five piece live band, our line-up and an active approach to sound mixing does at least give us the edge over many bands in the variety of material we can cover."